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What does WeDo 2.0 bring to learning?

“I have been using WeDo 2.0 for many years – it is simply brilliant! It’s a great way to get pupils into coding – generating a real enthusiasm to learn. It builds pupils’ confidence to ask questions and solve problems; giving all pupils the opportunity to explore and succeed. There are lots and lots of great resources available to support your computing teaching. And they’re FREE!”

“I have found that WeDo 2.0 makes primary school computing come to life through hands-on tasks, real-world projects, and relevant technology that engages pupils. And let’s face it – it is great fun!  With your box of LEGO bricks, motors, sensors and easy to use software, you will soon have a classroom that’s buzzing! Through project-based activities, pupils’ skills are enhanced in computing but also across science, technology, engineering and maths. The practical experience brings real depth to their learning and makes it a memorable experience. WeDo 2.0 empowers pupils to ask the right questions, define problems, and design their own solutions – I love seeing the solutions that pupils come up with… so much creativity! We are big fans of a ‘free-build’ here at Raising Robots!”

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A great little video…

“The video to the left is a great example of the activity, excitement and discussion that WeDo 2.0 can bring to your classroom. I have been lucky enough to experience it first-hand in hundreds of schools across the UK. Look at the level of engagement and enthusiasm on these children’s faces.

Together we build. Together we code. Together we learn!”

Check out these videos to see a few of the great things you can do with your WeDo 2.0!

See how with just a few programming blocks (top right) you can bring your brilliant model to life. Just get your robot moving!

Now we’ve added a Motion Sensor and programmed the robot to stop when it senses the flower – it even makes a sound! 

Now we’ve swapped the Motion Sensor for the Tilt Sensor. See how we can make the LED light react to the Tilt Sensor. So cool!

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“I love the fact that when I set the children a robotics challenge with WeDo 2.0, they produce a huge range of creative solutions – every one is different and every child enjoys success! Look at this collection of builds by some super Year 3 pupils from Somerset… they then went on to program their remarkable robots using the easy-to-use software. Awesome results!”

Remember – download the software and curriculum pack for FREE!

Download the free WeDo 2.0 software and curriculum pack – you’ll see how they can help your pupils discover so much about computing and STEM. The materials are pupil-friendly and will support teachers who are new to robotics and also those with more experience. So start downloading with Windows 10, Chromebooks, iPad, Android, Mac or Windows 7 & 8.