John Pinkney - LEGO® Education Academy Certified Trainer

John Pinkney

LEGO® Education Academy Certified Trainer

John has extensive teaching experience as Head of an ICT Faculty and as an Assistant Head teacher in a large secondary school. For the last six years, he has worked for the Warwickshire Local Authority as part of the ICT Development Service; an organisation focused on raising standards through the use of technology.

John is an outstanding teacher and has a wealth of experience using LEGO® Education resources in both primary and secondary schools. Working with both teachers and pupils nationally and internationally, he has developed innovative and exciting approaches to teaching and learning which have had a significant impact on both teachers’ skills and confidence and pupils’ engagement and progress.

John has vast experience with all LEGO Education products. He has also worked as a subject matter expert on LEGO MINDSTORMS® Education EV3, tailoring the resources to the UK curriculum. John is extremely well placed to support your school with integrating LEGO® Education into the curriculum. He has developed a large number of LEGO Education Innovation Studios – bringing creativity, challenge, excitement and fun to the classroom. All training that John provides is flexible, challenging and fun and it is customised to suit the specific needs of your school.

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All laid out for @LEGOeducationUK Mindstorms with @Tomorrows_Eng Robotics Challenge @rafyouthengage

The only way is up! @Tomorrows_Eng The @LEGOeducationUK Mindstorms is heading for the ramp! @rafyouthengage

Great day here in Southampton @Tomorrows_Eng ready with out @LEGOeducationUK Mindstorms @rafyouthengage

Brilliant teachers. Toasting great @Tomorrows_Eng success with a Raising Robots’ mug! Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm.@rafyouthengage

The Robotic challenge competition is in its final stages @raisingrobots Airbus Foundation. The students have challenged their Robotic skills at a superb venue with the Mars Rover backdrop #raf100inspire @Tomorrows_Eng @RoyalAirForce @AirbusSpace @discoveryspace

Watch and learn from the brilliant @Tomorrows_Eng competitors! @rafyouthengage

Things are hitting up here @StevenageAFDS with the Robotics Challenge! @Tomorrows_Eng

Testing Robots for Mars while we do the @Tomorrows_Eng Robotics Challenge! Cool. @LEGOeducationUK @StevenageAFDS

We are @StevenageAFDS having great fun with @Tomorrows_Eng Robotics Challenge. Amazing @LEGOeducationUK Mindstorms! In an amazing location. It’s behind you!

@Tomorrows_Eng @raisingrobots @rafyouthengage You will NOT believe the interest we had in the Lego robotics project! An amazing day at the Notts Festival of Science and Curiosity!

@raisingrobots @LEGOeducationUK @Tomorrows_Eng We've got just the engineer for you! (Complete with extra texture head protection)

On Monday we hosted 90 school pupils from around Scotland to take part in Tomorrow's Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge and our #STEM workshops. 🤖🔬🎮
The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all, see for yourself! 🎬

#science #technology #engineering #maths

Well done on a fantastic presentation to our @ForAcad team. Talking about the advantages of electric motored powered planes over those fuelled by bio-fuels!! Happy 100th birthday #RAF @dundee_angus @raisingrobots @Tomorrows_Eng

@FATech_Ed @Tomorrows_Eng Thanks for making it a great day! I loved that robot - straight down the line. Beautifully raised!

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