In collaboration with LEGO® Education, we are excited to offer UK schools and educational establishments a fantastic opportunity: trial a SPIKE Prime robotics kit with your pupils for FREE! It is an ideal learning resource for upper-primary or secondary pupils.

Using SPIKE Prime is a fun and interactive way for your pupils to get hands-on with robotics and develop the STEAM and 21st century skills they need to become the innovative minds of tomorrow… while building confidence in learning too! They will love working together and learning playfully as they bring their robots to life! LEGO Education® have put some extra support in place to help your pupils keep hands-on in the classroom.

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Get involved in this superb SPIKE Prime FREE trial – just complete this short application form… 

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Successful applicants will then receive a Spike PRIME Set (with lots of great FREE teaching resources) on behalf of your school.  You can then sign up for your online training or support to help you in raising amazing robots with your pupils this year!

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You will recieve a SPIKE Prime Set worth £296 (ex VAT) for 2 weeks on a trial basis. You will be offered free, online, drop-in training to help you get started and build your #LEGOconfidence! The fun, hands-on training will be delivered by a Raising Robots LEGO Education Certified Trainer.

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After the 2 week trial, you can keep the kit with a 10% discount on the RRP. If you want to order a half class or class set of SPIKE Prime (with a minimum order of 8 sets) there is a 10% discount too! OR you can pass the trial kit on! Just pass the kit on to another teacher so they can have fun and try it out in their classroom for 2 weeks too! This could be someone in your department, in another department or in a different school – they just need to be happy for Raising Robots to be in contact. OR, after your 2 week trial, you can simply return it to us (using a pre-paid delivery label). Simple!