Screen Shot 2018 02 18 at 14.38.38 - Speed Challenge

How fast can your MINDSTORMS move?

This challenge is all about speed. Get your MINDSTORMS EV3 moving as quickly as possible over 4 metres. Max your MINDSTORMS by experimenting with gears, changing tyres, crossing your fingers and shouting loudly – which of these will get your MINDSTORMS zooming along and hitting top speeds?

Here are the simple rules:

• You can only use LEGO MINDSTORMS parts

• You can only use one LEGO MINDSTORMS Intelligent Brick

• You must stay within the confines of the track which is 400cm long and 50cm wide – but obviously you can shoot off the end of it in style!

Set your power to 100 and maybe think about gearing! If you need some help on gearing, just create an account on our site and go to our Mindstorms Resources.

Send us your results on Twitter – @raisingrobots #myraisedrobot

mindstorms cartoon 599x800 - Speed Challenge
timing gate 1067x800 - Speed Challenge
johnatstem 1199x800 - Speed Challenge


Maybe you can develop your own timer. I built one out of two Mindstorms that were linked together by bluetooth (see the Robot Educator tutorial on Messaging). Try to discover how I made it work. Any questions – just ask!