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As well as getting hands-on with programming, your pupils will have great fun either working as a small ‘bubble group’ or individually, making the landmarks to place on key grid positions on the island map!

Here’s how…

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Challenge your pupils to make some palm trees to place on the island. They can be made out of anything – be creative! You can see the ones here that I have made out of paper and card. There are some fun tutorials on YouTube that your pupils might like to follow. I also made some palm trees out of DUPLO which looked really cool! Just make sure they fit inside a 30x30cm square – and add a bit of Blu Tack to the base of the trees to help keep them in position!

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Your pupils will also need to make a demolished building to place on the island map. Any cardboard boxes will work (but wine boxes and printer paper boxes are great!) They can take time to replicate the damage a hurricane might do to a building using online images and their brilliant imaginations too. The key thing to remember is: the opening to the building needs to be wide enough and high enough for the robot to enter and turn around 360 degrees! The building also needs to fit inside the 30x30cm square on the map. Good luck!

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The final landmark for your pupils to create and add to the map is the fallen debris. Your pupils could use any materials for this – they could simply try scrunching up scrap paper, or they could paint or colour debris items they design or find (they could even make papier-mâché or ModRoc rocks!) Enjoy being creative!

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Here is a LEGO build for the Pylon. Pause the video at the beginning so that you can get all your LEGO pieces together – then follow the build! Good luck!

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Mount your two LEGO figures on three LEGO bricks… get them ready to be rescued!

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