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Welcome to our support page! We are always here for you so if you need any extra help raising your robots, just email us at 
We have included a few tips on managing and cleaning your LEGO®. You might need to limit the amount of contact pupils have with the LEGO elements, so we have included guides to enable you (or a pupil) to pre-build the models for your pupils to use. While we obviously love hands-on building here at Raising Robots, this approach will allow your pupils to focus on their programming skills. It’s just about doing what works for you at your school.

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To help you keep the LEGO® Education elements in your SPIKE Prime set clean, you might want to use this Hygiene Guide created by LEGO Education, along with your own school’s guidelines. You can also access more useful information from LEGO Education at

Hygiene Guide

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Follow these LEGO Education build instructions to create the robot that your team of pupils will learn to program to complete the RAF Trainee Robotics Engineers Missions.

BUILD 1 Guide

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Add a grabber to your robot so that your team of pupils can grab, push and pull when they tackle the RAF Missions! 

BUILD 2 Guide