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LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set × 8

It's time to raise a new robot! Welcome to our family SPIKE™ Prime!

LEGO® Education's brand new SPIKE™ Prime Set is the go-to STEAM learning tool for students in Upper KS2 and KS3. Combining colourful LEGO building elements, easy-to-use hardware, and an intuitive drag-and-drop coding language based on Scratch, SPIKE Prime continuously engages students through playful learning activities - the power of play! SPIKE Prime gives students a fantastic opportunity to think critically and solve complex problems, regardless of their learning level. You will love the great 'beginner' projects as well as the limitless creative design possibilities - see some of the terrific learning resources here.
Use brilliant SPIKE Prime to help your students develop the essential STEAM and 21st century skills they need to become the innovative minds of tomorrow... while having great fun and building confidence in learning!

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Robot Repair Kit for SPIKE (Empty)

When you buy a set of SPIKE Prime or SPIKE Essential you get a pack of spares with it! Here is a great place to store them. Next time a pupil says that they are missing a piece – just open up your Robot Repair Kit and be in control of your LEGO!

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Set of 5 SPIKE Prime Physics Learning Posters (A1 - really big!)

A set of 5 colourful and durable, A1 sized learning posters to support the teaching of key concepts in Physics.

Each eye-catching poster has a QR code, giving you and your learners access to a fun and challenging hands-on lesson activity - which includes a worksheet, build guide and sample program. This is a brilliant way of focusing the use of SPIKE Prime on Science and bringing key concepts to life through hands-on learning.

The learning posters focus on 5 engaging activities

  • Seeing Colours
  • Crumple Zones
  • Stopping Distance
  • Calculating Speed
  • Motion Graphs

Perfect for your classroom!

Dimensions: 594 x 841 mm
Paper: 250gsm Silk - Silk-coated paper that’s sleek to the touch. It has a slight sheen to it which gives the poster a vibrant and crisp appearance.

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ONLINE: An introduction to SPIKE Prime (Various Dates)

Join us online for a hands-on introduction to SPIKE Prime!

If you’re new to using LEGO Education’s SPIKE Prime, this fun training workshop is perfect for you!

Working with one of our friendly & experienced Certified LEGO Education Academy Trainers, you will get hands-on, building and coding using SPIKE Prime. You’ll be introduced to the hardware, software, lesson materials and SPIKE App so that you feel confident introducing SPIKE Prime to your learners. There will time for Q&A throughout the training workshop and a chance to discuss curriculum planning and cross-curricular links too.

What you will need:
1. A set of SPIKE Prime
2. A charged SPIKE Prime hub
3. The SPIKE App downloaded on your device

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