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OK – so the first thing is to make sure you download/use the version of the App that is right for you. We have created a page to support you in that decision and it also has the links to the downloads. Find out more here.

Good question! You can find a detailed breaksdown here – https://raisingrobots.com/app3p

In theory you can – but remember that App 2 and App 3 require different firmware on the SPIKE Prime hub – so basically you need to make a choice and then stick with it.

The SPIKE App is available for Win10, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, and macOS.

LEGO Education have yet to implement it. It will be here soon. Sign up to our Newsletter and we will keep you up to date.

The Python editor in SPIKE App 2 uses MicroPython – the majority of Python’s language features are found in MicroPython.

It depends on which device you are using. Here is a useful starting point…

We would recommend that you use the Web App when using Chromebooks. This can be found, using your Chrome Browser, at https://spike.legoeducation.com You will see that this takes you to SPIKE App 3 – with the option to go to SPIKE App 2 (Legacy App).

This is one of the issues that App 3 is looking to overcome. If you are still using App 2 then we would recommend making sure that you connect the same hub to the same iPad each time. This definitely helps. You might also find that going in to Settings – Bluetooth, and forgetting some of the previous connections also helps.

Between 2-5 hours, depending on your charger. The LED indicator will turn green when the hub is fully charged.

When connecting to a Hub that hasn’t yet been renamed, the SPIKE App will automatically ask you to rename it. In order to rename a Hub that you have already named, you must first remove it from your desktop or tablet as a paired Bluetooth device or clear the device’s Bluetooth cache – you can press the Hub Connection Icon on the Programming Canvas (top left) and connect your Hub. Then select Rename Hub in the Dashboard tab and enter the new name. Press OK to save your changes.

Don’t worry – we can help sort it out. LEGO Education have a technical support form but if that does not move you forward, simply post your issue here and we will get on it.