Click here for SPIKE Prime FAQ

Use the USB cable that came with your SPIKE Prime set – plug it in and charge as you would any other device.

Bag 13 is a bag of spare elements just in case you accidentally lose a piece! You can keep it as a bag of spares or add it to your sorting trays.

There could be many reasons but these are the first things to check:

1) Is the connecting cable connected securely?

2) Is the motor connected to the same port as your programming block is expecting?

3) Do you have the right sequence of programming blocks in place, especially the ‘set movement motors to’ block?

There are – you can find them here!

To start with check out the ‘Extra Resources’ found after clicking START, and ‘Unit Plans’ (or click Units) and ‘Building Instructions’ (or click Build) inside the SPIKE APP.

When you are inside a project click on the 3 dots next to the project name at the top left of the screen and select ‘RENAME PROJECT’.

There could be many reasons depending on the device you are using – check out the solutions suggested by LEGO Education here: https://education.lego.com/en-gb/product-resources/spike-prime/troubleshooting/bluetooth-connectivity

The first time you connect your hub to your SPIKE App you’ll be prompted to rename your hub.

In order to rename a Hub that you have already named, you must first remove it from your device as a paired Bluetooth device or clear the device’s Bluetooth cache.

Once the Hub is removed as a Bluetooth device you can press the Hub Connection Icon on the Programming Canvas and connect your Hub. Then select Rename Hub in the Dashboard tab and enter the new name. Press OK to save your changes.

Finding a different LEGO piece that will achieve the same result as one in a set of instructions is a great way to develop your LEGO confidence! But if you do need to get hold of some replacement parts you can get them from Raising Robots: https://raisingrobots.com/product-category/lego-education-spike-prime/