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LEGO Maker

Makers love to inspire and be inspired by the creations of other Makers which means this is the perfect opportunity to combine your knowledge of Mindstorms with your creativity.  There are no limits to your project solutions – so go for it! Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixed media and your Mindstorms to create awesome designs. Get making with fabrics, cardboard, paper, buttons, pens, paints, crayons, plastics, photos and even objects from nature … basically use any bits and bobs you can!

There are three projects below – what will your take on the solution be? You can see that I have had a go at the Make a Puppet project!

You can also create and share your own projects – setting a Maker challenge for other Makers to try. Share your brilliant projects on Twitter using #LEGOMAKER and #MYRAISEDROBOT

Good Luck Makers!

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My example … DINOBOT!

I liked the idea of “Make a Puppet” and I wanted to go the animatronic route. So in my maker space, I combined a Mindstorms motor with an Ultrasonic Sensor … some pipe cleaners and an egg box! I am now busy working on developing my Dinobot story…

More ideas for Maker projects…

Make a Winter Olympics Contender – Create a robot that could compete for Gold in any Winter Olympic sport!

Make a Timer – Invent a timer that can be used to time a race (Hint: The kind of timer you could use in Speed Challenge)

Make a Repeated Pattern – Explore the world of symmetry and make fantastic patterns (Hint: Holding a pen or pencil or poster paint on wheels!)

Make a Mobile Device Companion – Invent an accessory for a mobile device that fits your needs and makes your daily life easier (Hint: You can plug your phone charging lead into the USB on your Mindstorms to charge your phone!)

Make a Dancing Robot – Explore the world of dancing and make a rhythmic Dancing Robot!

Make up your own ideas! Share them on Twitter – #MYRAISEDROBOT #LEGOMaker