Here are the first WeDo Challenges! They were developed by the fantastic Ethan Danahy and Barbara Bratzel as part of Dr. E’s WeDo Challenges (Tufts University School of Engineering). Here at Raising Robots, we were such big fans that we have (with their permission!) brought these challenges back! We have added some TOP TIPS but really – the solutions are up to you! Send us your results and we will post them up – send to or tweet them @raisingrobots

musical instrument scaled 1067x800 - Keep raising WeDo!


GOAL: You and WeDo can make beautiful music together. Make a musical instrument using a WeDo motor or sensor (or both). Your instrument must include some non-LEGO material as well – paper, twigs, rubber bands, or whatever you want. Strike up the band!

TOP TIPS: Maybe you need a little inspiration!  Pages 10 – 13 of this LEGO Education Makerspace guide from LEGO Education might be helpful and you can also see how to record your own sound!

creepycrawlywedo scaled 1067x800 - Keep raising WeDo!


GOAL: Build a creature for our robotic zoo. Your creature should move or react to its environment – or both! A roaring lion, a shy panda, a hungry hippo, a wriggly worm, a bouncing bug, a creeping spider – or any creature you can think of! The animal and its behaviour are up to you…

TOP TIPS: Here are a couple of models that might get you started. The first one produces movement at both sides (great for attaching legs) and the second one – well build it and see!

If you want to make the creature react – why not try the motion sensor?


timekeeper scaled 1067x800 - Keep raising WeDo!


GOAL: It is easy to lose track of time. Create a WeDo time-keeping device to help you count the minutes – a clock, an hourglass, a pendulum or any other way of keeping track of time.

TOP TIPS: Here is a little bit of help with programming a timer.


wedo burglar alarm e1410227090560 - Keep raising WeDo!


GOAL: You have a valuable treasure to protect! Make a WeDo burglar alarm to keep it safe and sound. If someone gets too close to your treasure, the alarm goes off, scaring the intruder away! As an extra challenge, can you figure out how to program the alarm to reset itself after it goes off? 

TOP TIPS: The motion sensor worksheet in Challenge 2 would probably help. Raising Robot’s Colin likes making LEGO duck protectors – weird … but to be fair, no one has ever stolen his LEGO duck!

space wedo scaled 1067x800 - Keep raising WeDo!


GOAL: Blast off on a space adventure! Create a rocket ship, a tool for a space traveller, an alien being or a space buggy – there are no limits to this cosmic journey!

TOP TIPS: Whatever you do will be out of this world! We built some lovely Space Buggies with the Natural History Museum this year. Be that space adventurer…

robotics recycling scaled 1067x800 - Keep raising WeDo!


GOAL: Design a device to make recycling easier. A material sorter, a can crusher, a recycling bin that talks—whatever you think would help to make our homes, our schools, and the earth a greener place.

TOP TIPS: I tried making a device that can pick things up… but the motor can be a bit fast and clumsy. This little guide might help you to control the motor… build it and see what it does!

robochef scaled 1067x800 - Keep raising WeDo!


GOAL: ​ Everyone could use a hand with food preparation in the kitchen – so why not create a robot that helps you to cook? It can do a single task, such as slicing bread or stirring a pot, or a complex operation, such as making a sandwich or an ice cream sundae. 

TOP TIPS: Go for it! Serve us up something amazing!

artshow - Keep raising WeDo!


GOAL:  It is time for a WeDo art show! Make a WeDo artist that creates a picture. It can draw with markers, scribble with crayons, splatter paint, whatever you wish. Film your artist at work and also show us the finished picture!

TOP TIPS: Make sure you don’t get your hub, motors or sensors wet! We love this creative challenge…


wedo dancer - Keep raising WeDo!


GOAL: It’s time for a WeDo dance party! Create a WeDo dancer for our party. Film it dancing to a song of your choosing (any type of music is fine) and join the fun!

TOP TIPS: Pop back to Challenge 1 TOP TIPS if you need a bit of help recording your own sounds. You’ll soon be top of the charts and throwing great shapes on the dance floor!

wedo morning helper - Keep raising WeDo!


GOAL: Getting up in the morning can be hard! Create a WeDo device to make mornings a little easier—a cool alarm clock, a toothpaste squirter, or whatever you wish. Include a WeDo motor or sensor (or both) in your Morning Helper. Rise and shine!

TOP TIPS: Get up early and put your mind to this great challenge!