A SPIKE Prime workout!

Remember in our training how you loved getting hands-on, building and coding an amazing robot vehicle? You had fun using the elements in your SPIKE Prime set, then got it moving forwards, backwards and turning. Ready…LEGO…Go!

Why don’t you try out this open and creative activity with your own students to get them familiar with the hardware and software in the SPIKE Prime set? 

Tutorial 1: How to build a simple robot vehicle

A little reminder of which elements you can use to build a simple robot vehicle. A great base from which to develop future robots!

Tutorial 2: Programming – forwards, backwards and turning

It’s great to get a robot moving around. Build LEGO and programming confidence. Once things get moving, add sounds and lights. Have fun!

Tutorial 3: Programming – the Colour Sensor

Take your robot to the next level with the Colour Sensor. Have it react in different ways to different colours.

Tutorial 4: Programming – the Distance Sensor

A neat little safety feature for your robot to avoid bumping into things. The power of the Distance Sensor!

Tutorial 5: Build and Program the Grabber!

A quick build to get your robot grabbing or lifting – with the help of some simple code. See what you can grab in your classroom!

Video: The Missions

This is a great video and a great launch into the Challenge. It is a walk through of all the Missions in the Robot Game. Remember there are lots of missions. Your students need to prioritise the ones they attempt, so show them this video. Your students can then decide which Missions they can complete using skills they have already learned – moving forwards, backwards, turning, grabbing and lifting… and then of course, the sensors.

Screenshot 2022 04 04 at 12.23.01 606x800 - Challenge - Getting Started


We keep saying that this guide is really important – because it is! Work your way through each session adapting the approach to meet the needs of your students. Remember you can be flexible with both content and timings. Every session starts with an introduction and ends with a share activity. 

Remember that the sessions all follow the same structure:

  • Introduction (10 minutes)
  • Team Tasks (100 minutes)
  • Share (10 minutes)

Remember, if you are short of time – use the Challenge quick route guide to save time


The Team Meeting Guide and the Engineering Notebook both reference activities that are in the SPIKE Prime App. This short video shows you exactly what they are and where they are.