FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge Class Pack is an ‘in house’ version of the international STEM programme. It gives you the opportunity, resources and guidance to run and deliver the programme within curriculum time or with a larger group of children.

Class Pack is designed for a group of up to 30 children (between 3-5 teams) and enables every child to take part. Teachers or group leaders guide the teams through 12 sessions as they design, build and code a LEGO robot that navigates missions of the robot game, whilst also developing an innovation project solution to a real-world problem. Throughout the Class Pack experience, teams will additionally develop the FIRST Core Values which include teamwork, innovation and problem solving.

Each session is designed to last 1.5 hours but can be adapted to meet your own timetable.

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  • 2 x RePLAY Challenge Sets – themed field mats and exclusive sets of LEGO elements to build season-specific mission models.
  • 1 x Class Pack Guide – guidance, management tips, and best practices for how to implement the programme and instructions on how to run your own tournament.
  • 2 x Team Meeting Guides – guidance and lesson plans on how to run 12 sessions and end with a celebration event. It includes learning outcomes, tips, clean-up pointers, and checkpoints to monitor the teams’ progress.
  • 10 x Engineering Notebooks – team workbooks to record ideas, notes, and sketches. Each workbook provides a guided 12-session experience, including an introduction activity, session tasks, and concluding with the teams sharing what they learned and accomplished.
  • 5 x Robot Game Rulebooks – everything needed for the robot game. Contains field set-up instructions, mission descriptions, and the rules teams must follow.
  • 30 x LEGO medals and lanyards
  • 1 x Build your own Small LEGO Trophy

Registration costs £265 + VAT

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A really quick tour of all the components in your amazing LEGO WeDo box… (includes a little update!)



These three videos are a nice way to get started with your LEGO® Education WeDo – a great way of building your #LEGOconfidence.

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Session 1: Welcome to Boomtown!

Session 2: Get your Building Site ready!

Session 3: Be an Engineer!

Session 4: Make it accessible!

Session 5: Make it environmentally friendly!

Session 6: Make it Durable!

Session 7: Keep Exploring!

Sessions 8 & 9: Create BOOMTOWN BUILD

Sessions 10 & 11: Show Me Poster!

Session 12: Prepare to share!


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We have lots of people here at Raising Robots that can help and support you in getting the most of your LEGO® Education WeDo. Whether it is technical or learning help – just get in touch! Use the contact details at the top of the page and we will soon have you getting the most out of your LEGO WeDo.


We will be putting on a series of Webinars that you can jump in on. They are a great opportunity to ask questions and learn new WeDo skills!

Wednesday 24th June: 12.00 – 13.00
Thursday 2nd July: 15.30 – 16.30
Wednesday 8th July: 12.00 – 13.00
Tuesday 14th July: 15.30 – 16.30

Click on this link to join any of the sessions:

ID: 691-724-069

Click on the link to test to make sure your computer/tablet can access the webinar:

You can download the GoToMeeting App for your mobile device from here:



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Once you are ready to apply your WeDo skills to BOOMTOWN BUILD, head over to the IET FIRST® LEGO® League Jr webpage. The video is a great place to start…
If you need any extra support, just email them at:
email - <I>FIRST®</I> LEGO® League: BOOMTOWN BUILD


You can help to generate a real buzz around BOOMTOWN BUILD on social media by asking schoolmates, parents and teachers to follow our FIRST LEGO League UK and Ireland’s Facebook page! They are also on Twitter as @FLLUK! Use hashtags – there will always be fantastic content posted using either the #FIRSTLEGOLeagueJr or #BOOMTOWNBUILD hashtags. You will see some exciting ideas and creations on there. Don’t forget to include us @raisingrobots

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