Screenshot 2023 10 24 at 14.00.31 1400x327 - Coding Success 3 Downloads

This is a temporary download page to allow you access to the files you need for your Coding Success 3 training session. The ‘Essential Resources’ and ‘Missions’ will download from Dropbox – you DO NOT need to create a Dropbox account or login – just click on the Download option on the Dropbox screen.

You should first download the Essential Resources – here you will find a document (‘Choose Your Route’) which will help you to select the most appropriate resources for your pupils (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced).

We will be training using Missions 1 to 4 in the Intermediate Resources – so if you are not sure which would be the most appropriate resources, download these. You can always download different resources after the training.

If you have any issues with downloading, we can resolve this on the day – so don’t worry!