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Welcome to Coding Success 2! 

Here you will find everything you need to launch Coding Success 2 with your learners! We hope you have great fun getting hands-on with your LEGO Education SPIKE Prime kits – good luck coders!

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The 4 Missions!

In Coding Success 2, you are invited to complete 4 missions with your pupils. Teaching resources and a ‘Flexible Learning Plan’ are available for each mission and there are suggestions for supporting and challenging pupils within each adaptable learning plan. The mission activities can also be adapted to an individual teacher’s preferred teaching style and/or level of confidence with coding.


Choose Your Route:

Coding Success 2 has been designed so that teachers can choose a route that meets the needs of their pupils and there are 3 routes to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Here is a really useful document to help choose the route that’s right for your learners:

Six Bricks - Coding Success 2

6 Bricks Box (contains 12 bricks in total)
Use these to build your 4 hydroponic pods.

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Classroom Poster
An outline of the 4 Satellite Support Missions for your classroom.


Screenshot 2023 01 23 at 12.46.54 - Coding Success 2

Blow one up, let it go and watch it fly – like a rocket! For use in Mission 1

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Coding Success Stickers
70 celebration stickers for your pupils to enjoy.

Seed Packet - Coding Success 2

Cress Seeds
Your pupils can grow their own cress – hydroponically!

Bag - Coding Success 2

Raising Robots Tote Bag
Useful for keeping all your resources together